Wedding Ale 1 – Hezeweizen

Wedding Ale 1 – Hezeweizen

Heather and I are getting married this September, which means we get to make beer for the reception! To match her personality, she’s made a Hefeweizen with heather tips (get it?! get it?!). She’s affectionately known as Hezness on and off Twitter, so we’ve named this beer….


  • 8 oz. german pilsen
  • 8 oz. german pale wheat
  • 6.5 lb. wheat liquid malt extract
  • 1 oz. hallertauer hops (60min)
  • Wyeast 3056
  • 1 oz. heather tips (5min)
  • 1 oz. heather tips (dry hop)
Coming up next… a beer with an alliterative “G” name.

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